Angelica Ulkan

Leader Hope for Energy


Managing Partner, Co-Founder and Coaching Psychologist of:
CCS Consulting & Coaching Synergy GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Sparring Partner and Economic Advisor to:
Engcotec GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology, University of East London
  • Diploma Study Programme in European Economics, AKAD University Rendsburg
  • Diploma Study Programme as Interpreter in Economics, AKAD University Leipzig
  • Certified Master of Trade

Capacity Building at personal, organizational and institutional level by implementing evidence-based Sparring-, Coaching- and Consulting Processes:

  • Leadership and organizational development
  • Personal Branding
  • Target setting / Self-Management / Self-efficacy
  • Cross cultural psychology
  • Health Management / Burn-Out Prevention
  • Moderating and Mediating Groups and Teams

Basic Stance: The Integrative Concept of Humankind considering the bio-psycho-economic-ecological dimensions.
Major Psychological Approaches: Cognitive behavioral approach, ACT, Motivational-psychological approach, Systemic approach, Psycho-Dynamic approach, Client-oriented Communication.

Sparring on issues to further develop an organization

  • Knowledge Management
  • Complexity Management
  • Agility
  • New Markets
  • International Relationship Management
Tel: +49 711 222 967 79