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Helping disadvantaged groups attaining an improved and sustainable quality of life!

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African Hope is Simple

We aim to simplify any complex actions necessary to be taken in order to guarantee that our work benefits the targeted groups directly.

African Hope is Flexible

We work with GOs and NGOs to provide assistance when and where needed through effective communication and cooperation.

African Hope is Efficient

Our methodology ensures that only projects which are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable, are supported.


African Hope e.V. is a German charity.

We work to reach out to socially and economically vulnerable groups throughout the African continent and help them attain an improved and sustainable quality of life, because we believe this to be the main key in helping them to help themselves.

African Hope e.V. achieves this "help for self-help" by promoting and thus supporting a wide range of projects for both governmental and non-governmental institutions and organisations.

Containers for Hope

Organizes the shipping and distribution of medication, tools, appliances and clothing.

Youth Exchange Program

Helps increasing the awareness of young people of the issues others may have through open communication and development

Our Services

Hope for Health

Providing medical care and supplies, food and medicine to people who don't have access to them.

Hope for Education

Sponsoring students through their education and provide qualified teachers for better education.

Hope for Work

Enabling people to help themselves and provide for their families by offering opportunities and trainings.

Hope for Energy

Small and large scale solar kits are used to provide energy to houses and infrastructures.

Hope for Youth

Organizing the European Youth Meeting (EYM) to promote cooperation and increase awareness of youth in Africa.

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Our Team


Prof. Dr. med. Markus Khalil

Leader Hope for Health


Prof. Dr. Monier Tadros

Leader Hope for Education


Dr. Mourad Lotfey

Leader Hope for Work


Angelica Ulkan

Leader Hope for Energy


Dr. Moheb Mekhaiel

Leader Hope for Youth


Eng. Ibrahim Samak

Vice President


Albrecht Hauser

Board Member


Veit Scholl

Board Member


Dr. Michel Khalil

Board Member


Dr. Nabil Salib

General Secretary


Walter Zuleger



Iris Malitz

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Thank you for your interest in African Hope e.V.

You have called up our Website based on your interest in our activities. Would you too have ideas and impulses? Would you like to share for the mutual benefit to be enjoyed by all?

African Hope e.V. brings people together from many nations. Intercultural experiences help one to further understand not only one's own cultural background but also that of others as well, therefore highlighting the acceptance of people seeing themselves as equals and not putting weight on their differences.


We do need your support when it comes to volunteering in our offices, helping to load containers etc. We therefore would appreciate it if you have time to spare and support us on a project to project basis.

Furthermore, we would appreciate it very much if you are willing to share both your hard and soft skills with people from Africa who could greatly benefit from these.

Our Website can perhaps provide you with some ideas as to where your skills and competence could be put to good use. Please do not hesitate to contact us further so as we may discuss the potential of a future competent and professional cooperation.

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Each person 18 years of age or older, and who is interested in the aims of African Hope e.V. can become a member by just downloading the application form for Membership and E-mail or fax us the filled-in form.

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