Hope for Youth


European Youth Meeting EYM

Held in a different country each year, the EYM conferences bring together young people from the whole of Europe. The conferences partly reached over 1500 participants.

We started the European Youth Meeting in the year 2000 in Stuttgart aiming at bringing together young people from all over Europe.

During the conferences, we would like to encourage you to discuss your thoughts, concerns and opinions with other young people from different countries and to be accountable for individual and social development.

You will recognise many common ideas, and many things which get you reflecting and learning. You have the opportunity to plan together committed actions that bring you closer to others both inside and outside your communities.

EYM participants appreciate to help others by establishing and promoting also their own EYM programs such as

  • support to African families in need;
  • programs set up by young EYM participants for young people in Africa;
  • exchange programs between young people from Europe and Africa.

The EYMs at a glance

Year City Country Year City Country
2000    Stuttgart    Germany       2011    Kröffelbach    Germany
2002 Milan Italy 2012 Stockholm Sweden
2003 Bitburg Germany 2013 Milan Italy
2004 Paris France 2014 Pagedal Netherlands
2005 Kassel Germany 2015 Kröffelbach Germany
2006 Vienna Austria 2016 Budapest Hungary
2007 Delden Netherlands 2017 Kröffelbach Germany
2008 Rome Italy 2018 Athens Greece
2009 Vienna Austria 2019 Rome Italy
2010 Stevenage United Kingdom