Hope for Health


Close to 15% of the children in Sub-Saharan Africa still die before the age of 5 as a result of hunger, malnutrition and infections such as Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Diarrhoea and Pneumonia.

This incredible number of children need to die from lack of primary health care, food security and ignorance about how to protect against infectious diseases.

Basic medicines such as antibiotics, painkillers, even antiseptics often are not in place. Disabilities are irreversible since even routine surgical interventions are not possible.

African Hope provides solutions that combat this disastrous situation:
  • Container dispatch of medical technology equipment, medicines, food supplements, and so on …
  • Dispatch of medical technology equipment and hospital furniture to specific hospital projects aiming at upgrading the existing facilities.
  • Sending of doctors and nursing staff to work on site for a limited period on a voluntary basis without remuneration.
  • Support for medically necessary care in Europe for emergencies stemming from riots, and so on …
  • Preventive Anti-AIDS campaigns.
  • Support in establishing children homes for AIDS-orphans.
Cooperation partners are, amongst others:
  • The Orthopaedic Baumann Clinic in the Stuttgart Karl-Olga-Hospital specialising in the endoprosthetics.
  • The Tübingen Trauma Centre for Intensive Care, Cases of Medical Urgency and Pain Therapy.
  • The Tübingen Institute for Medical Mission DIFÄM, devoted principally to healthcare worldwide.
  • The Berlin Aid Organisation “Bread for the World” which supports the Coptic Orthodox Church in awareness-raising campaigns in Eastern Africa focusing on HIV/AIDS.