African Hope for Youth


    European Youth Meeting (EYM)

    Held in different locations throughout Europe the EYM conferences attract up to 1,500 young people from across the continent to meet together on an annual basis.

    The European Youth Meeting (EYM) first kicked of in 2000 in Stuttgart – the aim being to bring young people together from all over Europe.

    During the conference the Youths of Europe are encouraged not only to share thoughts and concerns and discuss opinions with other Youths from around the continent, but also to be accountable and therefore increase the awareness of individual and social development.

    Many ideas which are common to all are identified and require reflectiveness through the sharing of knowledge. This raises the opportunity to devise and plan committed action and helps to create an atmosphere of understanding both within and outside the respective communities.

    EYM participants appreciate it to help others by establishing and promoting their own respective EYM programs such as:

    • Support of African families in need

    • Programmes set up by the EYM for the youth of Africa

    • Exchange programmes between the youth of Europe and Africa

    EYM Conferences at a glance

    2000   Stuttgart   Germany      2011   Kröffelbach   Germany
    2010StevenageUnited Kingdom