Eng. Ibrahim Samak – Vice-President

Portrait of Dr. Ibrahim Samak


  • Long-standing experience in the field of exporting and internationalization as well as in solar technology as entrepreneur and founder of the companies Encgotec GmbH and Engco GmbH & Co KG
  • Graduation in the subject of Engineering in Egypt
  • Established a very good reputation for expertise and reliability
  • Awarded the “Golden Medal for Outstanding Engineering Achievements” by the Egyptian Government
  • Has lived in Germany for over 30 years
  • Set up first own company in the 1970s, Specialising on exporting technical equipment
  • Set up Second own company, Engcotec Engco Advanced Technology GmbH in the 1980s in order to pioneer Developments in the Renewable Energy Sector
  • Prestigious projects at home and abroad: installation of photovoltaic systems on top of the Federal Chancellery or the Reichstag building in Berlin, etc
  • Coaching and Business Consulting