Angelica Ulkan – Hope Leader for Energy

Angelica Ulkan

  • General Manager and Consultant

    Engcotec GmbH

  • General Manager & Coach

    CCS Consulting & Coaching Synergie GmbH

  • Angelica Ulkan Consulting & Coaching


  • Studies in Business Management, Linguistics and Psychology
  • Many years of experience in the fields of Leadership, Consulting and Coaching in international operating medium companies as well as in the social management
  • Active Partner of CCS Consulting & Coaching Synergy GmbH
  • Gained experience about the economic, emotional and physical demands and expectations forced on companies, management and employees nowadays, which is decisively affecting her work in the field of Coaching

Special Topics

  • Burnout-Prophylaxis and –Intervention (Health-Coaching);
  • Management Development
  • Personality Development
  • Intercultural Coaching
  • Conflict-Management
  • Mediation