Hope for Youth

Young people posing for photo

The aim of Hope for Youth is to work closely with young people to develop their interest for positive activities and to allow them to discuss their thoughts, concerns and opinions with other young people from different countries and also with experienced and committed adults. Every year African Hope organizes a meeting of youth from various European countries held in a different country each year under the banner of the European Youth Mission (EYM). These conferences bring toghether young people and have now reached in some years over 1500 participants.

The EYMs at a Glance – Founded in Stuttgart in September 2000

Year Country Motto
2000 Stuttgart / Germany Let’s get to know each other
2001 American Attack
2002 Milano / Italy Being a Christian in Modern Times
2003 Bitburg / Germany Faith, Hope, Love
2004 Paris / France Success in Life
2005 Kassel / Germany Peacemaking in the Modern World
2006 Vienna / Austria Ethics, Technology and Church
2007 Delden / Netherlands Faith in a Changing World
2008 Rome / Italy Christian Faith in the Information Age
2009 Vienna / Austria Idea of Man
2010 Stevenage / UK Koinonia – Together in Him
2011 Kröffelbach / Germany The First Letter of Saint John
2012 Stockholm / Sweden Humbleness: The Way to Joy
2013 Milano / Italy Youth and their Inner Maturity
2014 Pagedal / Netherlands Walk on Water
2015 Kröffelbach / Germany Hold on to what you have
2016 Paderborn/Hungerie

The EYM Event 2015

Under the patronage of Pope Tawadros II this will be held between August 28th till August 30th, 2015, at St. Antonius Monastery, Bishop Michael, in Kröffelbach / Germany

This year the conference will be divided in three different groups according to the age:

  • Group 1:          starting people born from Jan. 1999 till now

    (around 17 years old)

  • Group 2:          between 17 and 22 years old

    born Jan. 1993 till Jan. 1999

  • Group 3:          23 years old

    born before Jan. 1993

It will be three different halls and every hall for one age, but the masses and the general social will be for all participants.

The cost for accommodation and food for the whole time will be EUR 75,00 per person.

For the youth who lives not far away from the monastery or likes to be in another accommodation, the fees will only be EUR 35,00 (not sleeping).

Please, find attached the registration form and we ask you kindly to fill it out and send it to African Hope, email address adm@africanhope.de

The registration will be confirmed only after paying the fees. Please transfer the fees to the following account:

African Hope e.V.
Kronprinzstr. 12
70173 Stuttgart / Germany

BAN: DE97 6118 0004 0456 5526 00