Hope for Energy

Solar Cells Installed on a RoofApproximately 526 million people on the African continent have no access to modern electricity supply! The availability of energy is a main key factor for progress and development in Africa.

Some Facts

In spite of the fact that 13 % of the world’s population live in Africa, their consumption share in the world’s total electricity is merely 3%. In Zambia for instance, only 5 % of the population has access to electricity. Alternative energy production would be the solution – however, to date, this form of energy supply has been pushed far too little. Regarding this fact it seems ironic that Namibia alone for example could produce a multiple of the kilowatt-hours which are presently produced in California by just using the high African solar irradiation and converting it into solar power – a clean, affordable and renewable form of energy production which has a positive effect on climate protection, against deforestation and for peace. To date, up to 90% of the African population still uses fossil fuels such as wood and kerosene causing a serious impact on climate and woodlands – alarming results are published by the World Bank. A fast implementation of small solar kits would support the African development considerably. African Hope e.V. decided to take the initiative and to donate solar kits supporting: – lighting – cooling of pharmaceuticals and food – desalination and sterilization of drinking water – running medical equipment.

Hope for Energy in 2006

In reaction to the facts above, a new hope has been included in the range of our activities: Hope for Energy As a first step it is planned to send a complete container to Sudan filled with collected solar kits which can be used for lighting purposes in single rooms and small dwellings. Apart from the solar kits, clothing and toys for children could be added. In case you have any children’s clothing or toys which you don’t need any more, please let us know. We thankfully appreciate any donation to our next Container of Hope.

Achievements of 2008

By acting as a platform, African Hope could bring a supporter to a project in Egypt (El Kadadba). In the first phase (started in 2006), the main focus lays on reclaiming land from the desert and installing a pump and irrigation system. Thanks to generous donations, the monastery and its surroundings could be equipped with electricity. The successful project is about to enter its’ second phase in 2009 and has made plans accordingly: The person who is responsible on-site intends to expand food production and to introduce livestock farming after the land reclamation has been completed and the irrigation system has been installed. The milk produced in the project is intended to go into cheese production. This cheese will be sold to tourists in the monastery; thus, a small, but long-lasting source of income will help the project to support itself after the startup financing and will pay the people working for it. To date, approximately 120 to 130 jobs were created in the first phase of the project. The focus is not only on employment, but also on education in different traditional handicrafts. New skills include: the technology of the installation (electricity and water), grain treatment and fruit processing, stock keeping and maintaining electrical appliances. The hope for energy could be quickly realised in this project, and due to the broad support, the project was able to expand quickly and continue in a sensible way.

“We can create a more sustainable, cleaner and safer world by making wiser energy choices.”Robert Alan Silverstein