Hope for Education

Kids Sitting in Front of ComputersAccording to the African Union (AU), almost 50 million children in Africa do not attend school. In Africa, the total expenditure for education decreased from €37 per capital to €17-21 per capital during the 1990s.

The future of Africa depends a lot on the development of its native talents and skills. African Hope for Education focuses on: – Supplying training centers relating to different professionals – Sponsoring African students in their country as well as abroad – Sponsoring talented students in their PhD studies abroad – Arranging for teachers to travel to Africa to donate their time and skills.

Achievements till 2008

In South Africa

Training center for computer hardware and software. African Hope collects used computers, printers and software for the students, as well as putting at their disposal the latest versions for educational purposes.

In Egypt

Nurse’s training school in Nakada: the first part of the equipment was already sent in 2005, financed by the Verein für Internationale Krankentransporte (Association for International Patient Transportation). The second part is scheduled to follow in 2006.

A student from Egypt is going to complete his PhD studies in Germany

Two girls from Egypt study medicine at the Universities of Heidelberg and Tübingen.

A student will finish his doctoral thesis in Great Britain.

The training Centre for various vocations contains: electricians, car mechanics, car electricians, welder, radio and television technician, refrigeration and air conditioning technician, computer technician, skilled employees in the field of hotel and catering.

Furthermore, African Hope supported in 2008 the project Community Care and Education Project in Egypt (El Kedeseen Al Joud). This project addresses children, youngsters as well as elderly people. The main focus is on training and supporting children of 4 – 13 years of age. The project started with 50 children and is to be expanded for 300 participants. Another project, which offers education and protection for endangered young girls, has been successfully working in Cairo since 2007.The Vocational Training Center and Shelter for Young Girls at Risk. The girls are trained in handicrafts (e.g. sewing) in order to give them an opportunity to have their own income in the long run. For this project, 30 second-hand sewing machines could be purchased. African Hope once more proved its experience as a platform by bringing together the needful and the supporters in good cooperation. African Hope also assists in the finding of suitable accommodation and supports the settling in process in the host country by providing valuable practical information. The awarding of the scholarships is not linked to any special requirements for the period after the training. It is hoped that one day our students will use their knowledge for the benefit of their native countries. For further information, please see: Archived News: “African Hope supports student of medicine in Germany”

“If you want one year of prosperity, plant corn. If you want ten years of prosperity, plant trees. If you want one hundres years of prosperity, educate people.”Chinese Proverb