About Us

African Hope e. V. was established in the year 1998 in Stuttgart, Germany. It is a non-profit organization, in which people from different nationalities, religions and realities work together to achieve a common goal which is to give a helping hand in places where poverty is spread …

…. the most in need places in AFRICA!

We see our work as an opportunity to give our perception of justice and dignity a chance to be realized.

African Hope e. V. is an instrument to remember the forgotton and to stand by their side.

Our Targets

  1. The organization addresses the issues of security, health, vocational training and welfare of the needy Directly in venues in African countries.
  2. The organization supports the needy in Africa by collecting clothes and medicines. Wants to Further Provide accommodation and vocational training.
  3. The organization Lends Further support in the context of moralistic, spiritual, intellectual, social and physical advice and education.
  4. The association supports needy Africans studying in Germany at colleges, universities and universities for applied science, who are forced to finish their studies.If they are not supported and whose incomes doesn’t exceed the maximum income Stated in Paragraph 53.2 Tax Code.
  5. In order to reach thesis aims, the Following Activities Shall Be Carried out :
    1. Organization of social activities and donation actions in order to obtain equipment for charitable purposes and applications.
    2. Collecting information by Public Relations Regarding the situation in Africa, and Further Information in context of the aims and the purposes of the organization.
    3. Publication of printed information, “material”.
    4. Organization of conferences, fairs and exhibitions in order to inform the public and in order to pursue the organization’s charitable purposes.

The Properties

  1. In general, the organization shall receive its funds either from private or from governmental grants or by collecting the contribution fees from its members.
  2. Economic goals will not be pursued.
  3. The amount of the contribution fee shall be set by the member but a minimum shall not be collected.
  4. It is possible to work for the organization instead of paying a contribution or fee in addition to the contribution fee. The amount of thesis working hours is set by the member.
  5. The funds of the organization are destined only for the purposes in accordance with the statutes. The members shall not receive any benefits.
  6. Members cannot claim any property of African Hope e. V., if they decide to quit the organization or in case it dissolves.


  1. Each person over 18 years who is interested in the aims of the organization can become a member.
  2. The membership shall start subject to the board’s acceptance and based on a written application.
  3. Reasons for termination of membership shall be death, resignation or exclusion. The resignation has to be made in writing and has to be directed to the board. The exclusion will be Effected by the board.
  4. The board can grant an honorary membership or honorary presidency to members or to the president of African Hope e. V.

The Authorities 

  • The senior council
  • The board
  • The General Assembly

The Senior Council

  1. The senior council can consist of a simple majority of former members of the Board on the one hand and of other outstanding persons on the otherhand, For Example Bishops, General Manager, Parliamentarians; the total number of members may not exceed seven. The council shall be elected for 4 years each time. Its period of office starts from the end of a general meeting until the end of the general meeting taking place 4 years later.
  2. The senior council is justified to interpose its veto arrived at by two-third majority of the council against any resolution of the General Assembly, including the election of any member of the Board.

The Board

  1. The Board Consists of the President, the vice-president, secretary general and the treasurer. The board can consist of Further members. The total number is limited to 7 persons.
  2. Members who are Entitled to represent the organization in the sense of § 26 BGB are the president, the vice-president and the secretary general. The president or the vice-president is allowed to represent the organization in his/her own right. The secretary general, HOWEVER is obliged to act together with the president or the vice-president.
  3. To join the board, a person must have been a member of African Hope e. V. for at least one year.
  4. According to a majority vote the General Assembly shall elect the President at first, then the vice-president, the Secretary General and the Treasurer. Additional members shall be elected jointly. Each member can cast two votes.
  5. A list of candidates is required for an election to take place.
  6. For the election of the board, postal voting is allowed. The postal vote must be received at least 15 days before the regular election takes place.
  7. The board takes its decision by simple majority.
  8. The Board’s period of office shall last until a new board is elected.

The General Assembly

  1. The General Assembly shall take place at least once a year; and it is the duty of the Board to call the meeting.This shall be Effected in writing at least three weeks in advance. The assembly shall be Considered as competent to make a decision provided 10% of its paying members are present. Shall this not be the case the meeting will be postponed for one hour. After an hour the Assembly shall be Considered as competent to make a decision, no matter how many members are present.
  2. The tasks of the General Assembly:
    1. Receipt of the Board’s statement;
    2. Discharge of the present board
    3. decision in context to all proposals under consideration being;
    4. The General Assembly shall make its decision by simple majority, provided that the board has not determined any other procedure. Based on proxy, each member being present on the occasion of the General Assembly has the right to represent 3 absentee members from Germany or to unlimited number from outside Germany.
    5. The General Assembly will be headed by a member of the senior council who shall be elected by the General Assembly. The person to keep the minutes of the general assembly shall be designated by the Director of the Assembly. The minutes have to be undersigned by the director of the Assembly and by the keeper of the minutes.

The Tasks

  1. The president shall be elected every four years. He is the organization’s main speaker. The president and the vice-president are sole Representatives in the sense of §20 BGB.
  2. The vice-president is the president’s representative. On the occasion of the President’s absence, the vice-president shall have the right to undertake the President’s duties and enact his rights.
  3. The secretary general is competent in the context of the tasks of the office; he shall be the official speaker as well as the board’s representative.
  4. The treasurer is responsible for all expenses and income. He shall be obliged to present to the board a clear bookkeeping statement at any time.


  1. The financial year will last from January 1st until December 31st.
  2. It is not allowed to reimburse any person for expenses, which are not within the context of the organization’s purpose.
  3. Members shall not receive any share of any profits or any other gratitude.

Disbanding of the organization

In case of the disbanding of the organization, the property shall be used for tax return purposes only. Decisions Regarding the future use of the property may be Executed subject to the approval of the tax office.

Decision making

The General Assembly’s decision based on a two-thirds majority shall be Necessary for enacting the disbanding or any amendment of the statutes. Disbanding or any amendment of the statutes shall become effective one week after the official decision.

Party policy

The organization shall abstain from any discussions in context of party policy.


African Hope e.V.
Buechsenstrasse 15
D – 70173 Stuttgart
Tel .: +49 (711) 222 96779