A Statement by the President

Portrait of Bishop PaulAs President of the charity African Hope and on behalf of its board of directors, I welcome you to our official website.

I trust that these internet pages will give you an overview of our structure and activities and will provide you with an insight into our principles and our approach to the task of helping the poor in Africa.

African Hope stands beside and champions those who have almost been forgotten in our world.

African Hope helps people in Africa to help themselves and to change their lives for the better. It does this by providing the necessary funds, equipment and training.
Its representatives are on the spot and know precisely what local needs are and what measures can be taken effectively.

African Hope provides an opportunity for people to become involved in helping practically. The charity also ensures that alldonations go to the right places and to the right people.

African Hope can be your voice for Africa.

Thank you for your interest in African Hope and for caring.

Bishop Paul
President of African Hope e.V.