A Statement by the Founder

Portrait of Dr. Ibrahim SamakI welcome you warmly to the internet pages of our charity African Hope. Using our website, we can inform you about our development work in various African countries.

I am a native-born Egyptian but have been living and working in Germany for over 30 years now. My Egyptian roots and my professional life made me a “commuter between two worlds”: Here in Europe I experience the highest standard of living, and on the other hand I see the unbelievable poverty, illness and misery of the underdeveloped countries of my native continent Africa.

The poverty and social gap between rich and poor has become wider and wider in recent years. One major contributing factor, especially with regards Africa, has been the emergence of one of worst infectious diseases in the history of mankind. The explosive spread of the HIV/AIDS infection has put back the development of the already suffering African continent by decades.

Our primary concern and focus at this time is therefore:

  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Further high priorities of African Hope are the support of
  • Training schemes for traditional skills and the enabling of people to set up their own micro-enterprises,
  • Creating a sustainable energy supply through the use of renewable energy,
  • Providing further education locally and in studies abroad

African Hope provides help regardless of religion, race or political opinion. We also place a particular focus on young people.

Be human in your thoughts and deeds – provide hope and help!
Would you like to join us?

I greet you warmly,

Ibrahim Samak
Vice President of African Hope